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Lezing door Tim Meijers: Migrants by plane and migrants by stork

March 14th, 2016 | Geplaatst in Uncategorized

Dinsdag 22 maart – 19.30 uur – Lipsius 001
Tim Meijers, PhD researcher, zal een lezing geven over de ethiek van migratie, een onderwerp dat vandaag de dag als vanzelfsprekend erg actueel is. Zijn abstract luidt als volgt:

Migrants by plane and migrants by stork
Can we refuse citizenship to one, but not to the other?
Tim Meijers, Philosophy (Leiden University) & Hoover Chair (University of Louvain)

Every year the Netherlands admits roughly 200.000 citizens without questions asked; France does the same with over 820.000 people and even Japan (with its’ famously strict entry policies) easily admits over 1.000.000 people every year. These newcomers are not confronted with border police, walls, or immigration restrictions. In fact, most of them are welcomed in a festive fashion with parties thrown in their honor. Moreover, at least two of these countries regret that the numbers are so low: they would prefer more of these newcomers.
One may have guessed that these numbers are not evidence of a particularly generous response to the current refugee crisis. Rather, they are the number of children born into citizenship in these countries. The number of migrants that received citizenship was much, much lower.
In my talk, I will ask what – if anything – can justify treating these two groups of newcomers in such a different way. Why, if at all, do states have a duty to include children born to their citizens (birth-right citizenship) and a right to exclude migrants? What morally relevant difference between these two types of newcomers justifies this differential treatment?

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