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Lezing: Philosophy and its Other: On Levinas

April 4th, 2016 | Geplaatst in Uncategorized

Woensdag 13 april – 19.00 uur – Lipsius 228
Dr. Rozemund Uljée (Universiteit Leiden) zal een lezing geven over Levinas, zijn kijk op filosofie, waarheidsvinding en rechtvaardigheid in verhouding tot de Ander. De voertaal is Engels. Haar abstract luidt als volgt:

Philosophy and its Other: On Levinas

In many ways, the history of philosophy has been conceived of as a concern with and a quest for truth. In this talk I will seek to address the way in which E. Levinas renders justice to this history through an elaboration of the relationship with the Other. First, I will explore how and in what sense the encounter with the other person can be conceived of as ethical. Second, I will show how this ethical relation transforms the essence and task of philosophy in its entirety as it shifts the orientation of philosophy from the deployment of truth to a question of justice. This implies that philosophy (with Husserl’s words) must be conceived of as an ‘infinite commencement’ which allows for the renewal of meaning.

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